Strigolactones are a group of closely-related molecules synthesized by most plants.

This is the molecular structure of one of them.

Strigolactones suppress the branching of roots and stems. They also promote growth of the shoot apex. These actions promote plant elongation thus enhancing the plant's ability to compete with other plants for sunlight.

Mutations in genes needed for the synthesis of strigolactones stimulate the development of lateral buds producing a more highly-branched plant than normal. Application of a synthetic strigolactone near the base of these mutant plants inhibits development of lateral buds above and thus restores normal branching.

Strigolactones are also secreted from roots where they
Other plant hormones
Abscisic acid (ABA) Auxin Brassinosteroids Cytokinins Ethylene Gibberellins Jasmonates
As you read about these various hormones, you will note that: (1) each hormone affects several, or even many, different processes and
(2) each process is, in turn, influenced by several different hormones.
How these overlapping signals are integrated to produce a particular response remains a topic of active research.

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6 December 2018