Gel Blotting

Gel blotting is a technique for visualizing a particular subset of macromolecules — proteins, or fragments of DNA or RNA — initially present in a complex mixture. The steps: The diagram illustrates the procedure for detecting DNA fragments containing a particular sequence.

This procedure was developed by E. M. Southern and the finished product is called a "Southern blot".

Links to examples of Southern blots.
1. Screening for the sickle-cell gene
2. Fingerprinting

The same basic procedure can also be used to separate and visualize RNA molecules and protein molecules. As a humorous extension of the term "Southern blot", these have been dubbed "Northern" and "Western" blots respectively.
Type of Blot Molecules separated by electrophoresis Probe
Southern ssDNA cDNA or RNA
Northern denatured RNA RNA or cDNA
Western Protein Antibodies
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11 August 2012